Spring has arrived!

Looks like spring has finally arrived in Burlington… now let’s see how long it lasts…

Last year at this time there was still snow on the ground!

Today was such a busy day! I woke up at 5:50 for my 7:30am final, got ready, crammed for a while and then finally went to go take it. It wasn’t horrible, but not great either. I prepared as well as I could, but there were a few surprises. I think I’ll end up with a B/B+, which I’m not happy about but it won’t count towards my Psychology G.P.A. which is what will matter the most when I’m applying for grad school.

Afterwards I went to the library and said that I wasn’t going to leave until I got my 8-10 page paper done. I got up to 8 pages, checked the assignment and it said 6-8 pages. Sweet!

I was going to go into the lab this afternoon because I needed to do something, but decided I needed to de-stress at the gym before I did anything else. I will have to go into the lab in a little bit, but definitely worth putting off.

I did my first speedwork workout!! I did 3.75 miles in 34:14.

Here’s the workout – I got it from Carrots n’ Cake as I mentioned yesterday

  • Warmup .50  at 6.3 (9:30/mile pace)
  • .25 at 7.1
  • .25 at 6.3
  • .25 at 7.2
  • .25 at 6.3
  • .25 at 7.3
  • .25 at 6.3
  • .25 at 7.4
  • .25 at 6.3
  • .25 at 7.5
  • .25 at 6.3
  • .25 at 7.6 (7:53/mile pace!!)
  • .50 at 6.3 (9:30/mile pace)

I actually hate the treadmill and this workout flew by. Not that it wasn’t challenging (it was), but changing the speed every quarter mile made it go by pretty fast. I stopped to walk for about 1/10 of a mile to grab water and catch my breath. I was tempted to walk the last 1/2 mile but powered through!

On the agenda for tonight is a little bit of studying, AL’S for dinner (yummm), and maybe a movie? I think I deserve a little relaxation after banging out an 8 page paper!

My posts have been pretty picture-less, but mainly because this isn’t a food blog, so I won’t post pictures of my meals. If I happen to create an awesome meal or bake something pretty, I’ll post it. I do want to post more pictures though, once I have more free time, I’ll take some! I’ll leave you with a picture of something spring-y in the meantime!


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ABC’s of me!

I’ve seen this on other blogs, and thought it would be a fun way to describe who I am!

A. Age: 21

B. Bed size: In my apartment at school, queen. At home, twin.

C. Chore you dislike: Emptying the dishwasher.

D. Dogs: None – I want a husky!

E. Essential start to your day: Brushing my teeth and breakfast

F. Favorite color:  Green, but I’ve also been into purple recently.

G. Gold or silver:  Silver. I really don’t like gold for some reason.

H. Height:  5 foot, 5 inches.

I. Instruments you play(ed):  Piano for two years, until I had a mean teacher and refused to go back (I was eight). Does the recorder in music class count? 🙂

J. Job title:  Student, research assistant, nanny – jack of all trades!

K. Kids: None

L. Live:  Currently I go to school and live in Burlington, VT. I’m from a small town right outside of Boston and spend as much time there as I can!

M. Mom’s name:  Mary Ann

N. Nicknames: Bri

O. Overnight hospital stays:  None – knock on wood!

P. Pet peeves:  People talking in the library, long lines, spitting, and when people walk reaaally slow.

Q. Quote from a movie: “Eli: Okay, you know what the three of us are? We’re a tripod.
Klitz: A tripod?
Eli: Yes, a tripod. Which means that if you knock out one of our legs, WE-ALL-FALL!

R. Righty or lefty:  Righty

S. Siblings:  Two – Stephen, 15 and Lizzie, 17

T. Time you wake up:  Depends. This past semester I got up at 5:30 every day for the research project I work for. Weekends between 8-9. Usually no later than 8 on weekdays

U. Underwear:  Yes?

V. Vegetables you dont’ like:  Sweet potato. I tried REALLY hard though. I’m also not a huge fan of steamed vegetables.

W. What makes you run late:  I usually forget something and have to run back to get it. I also have a habit of forgetting to put my key back on the key chain after taking it to go running… I usually also forget where I put it down.

X. X-rays you’ve had:  None. I’ve had mouth x-rays at the dentist for my wisdom teeth and for a root canal once.

Y. Yummy food you make:  I make a mean lemon tart 😉 I also make yummy homemade pizza!

Z. Zoo animal favorites:  I haven’t been to the zoo since second grade. I’m really not sure – probably giraffes.

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Study study study

Well… it’s Monday. If only the weekend was three days long.. or 7 🙂

Still studying for finals over here. Just four more days until freedom! I have a world history exam tomorrow at 7:30am, a 10-page paper, a 4-page Spanish paper, and a Spanish exam at 7:30am on Friday.  Oy.

In other news… I took a break around 12:45 to run. I ran 2 miles (8:29 and 8:41) and walked/ran a third (13:10). I also did some abs and a workout titled “Cut and Chiseled” from an iPhone app. I wouldn’t say it will make me “cut and chiseled” but it was a good workout.

Afterwards I had lab meeting where we had a pizza party to celebrate our last meeting!

Studying resumed after that 😦

Wish I could write about more exciting things, but studying has consumed my life. Or procrastinating from studying. Whatever.

Tomorrow’s workout should be exciting, as it’s my first “track workout.” To make my pre-marathon training, I copied Tina from Carrots n’ Cake‘s first week of training because it followed the Team in Training schedule. I don’t know if mine will be different, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

It says: 2 lap warm up, 6 X’s 400M, 2 lap warm down, 1 lap rest
Pace based off of 5k race time

My 5k race time = 8:02/mile

Hopefully I can figure all that out! I don’t really know of anywhere with a track around here that I can use. We have an indoor one at the fitness center, but it’s 8 laps to a mile and I can’t stand running in circles for that long. I’ll probably use the treadmill until I can find an outdoor track I’m comfortable using. Don’t wanna crash a middle/high school track practice!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!!

My mom and I in Barcelona, when she came to visit last November

After running our 2nd 5k together

In Barcelona at the FCB stadium

I got to spend Mother’s day with my wonderful mother who drove 3.5 hours up on her special day to see my induction ceremony along with two my two siblings. They got here around 9:45 and we headed off to campus for the ceremony which started at 10:30. Luckily it was pretty quick, we mingled for a bit afterwards, then headed off downtown to Sweetwaters for lunch.

After lunch we walked around a bit and then they headed home. It was really fun to be together as a family, since that doesn’t happen too often. My siblings are both in high school and always running off in ten million directions.

Since they left I’ve been studying for my History and Spanish finals. I literally have zero motivation to study for my exams, which is really scary because I need to power through this week! Luckily I don’t have too much to study for, but I just want to be DONE. Starting this weekend I’ll be home for about a month, which I’m SO excited about since I haven’t been home for that long since last summer.

Guess I should keep studying…

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Almost summertime…

It’s the most perfect spring day we’ve had in awhile and I’m stuck inside studying 😦 well, sort of studying…

I stayed up really late last night and allergies woke me up at 8, ugh. I was somewhat productive and then decided to go for a run. Not the best idea without having eaten anything (can’t run with food in my stomach) and not being able to breathe out of my nose. It was more of a run/walk but at least it was a beautiful day!

Yesterday I did my 6 mile run in 59:37, which I was really proud of! I felt great for most of the run, but my legs felt really tight. I need to work on stretching more after I run..

On the agenda for today is studying and a couple of parties to celebrate the end of the lab I worked in this semester! It should be fun.

Tomorrow morning is my induction ceremony for a national honor society I will be joining, so my family is coming up for it and we’re going out for a Mother’s Day brunch/lunch. It was actually really last minute, so reservations are nearly impossible to make. We’ll see!

Hopefully I can squeeze in some more studying… it’s finals week but I am just ready for it to be summer! I have two papers and two more exams left to take. Not horrible, but summer is so close..

Back to the books!

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Pre-marathon marathon training

Welcome to my blog!

You can find out more about me and my mission in the about me section!


Marathon training starts soon! I received my meeting reminded for Team in Training this morning which got me even more excited!! For now, I don’t have a formal training plan, so I made do with piecing together one from the first couple of weeks of some training plans I’ve found online.

Here’s a recap of what I’ve done so far!

Sunday 5/1: 5.5 mile run

This run started off great: 3.29 in under 30 minutes, which is good for me since I can’t seem to get under 9:30-10:00 miles while I’m running along. Around mile 4.5 I started to get really hot and didn’t have any water so I ran/walked it back to the car in fear that I would pass out. Gonna need to work on that one…

Monday 5/2: Rest 

Tuesday 5/3: 43 minutes of strength workouts

I used the Workout Trainer by Skimble app on my iPhone, which was actually really good.

Wednesday 5/4: 3.26 mile run (33:58, 10:25/mile)

Raining, legs in pain from lunge/squat torture yesterday. Not bad overall.

Thursday 5/5: Bike/Stair/Arc at the gym – 1 hour total

I always forget how much I love the gym! It was awesome working out inside (it was raining) and being able to study (finals week :(). I always put off workouts if I have too much work to do, so it’s the perfect solution.

All in all, it’s been a good week for running. I definitely learned from my Sunday run that it is time to invest in a Camelbak or some type of handheld water bottle if I want to run more than 5 miles on a hot day.

Planned workouts for the next week include:

Friday (today!) 6 mile run

Saturday: 3 mile run

Sunday: 1 hour strength exercises

Monday: rest

Tuesday: Treadmill speed workout

Wednesday: 30 minutes strength, 30 minutes running

Thursday: 4m run


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