About Me

Welcome to my blog, 0 to 26.2!

I’m Brianna. I’m 21 years old, from Boston, and go to school in Vermont where I study Psychology and Spanish.

I spent four months in Barcelona, Spain last fall. Through my experiences in Barcelona and people I met there, I began to become more interested in food and healthy living practices (eating nothing but bread, olive oil, and fried food for four months also helped!). I started reading healthy living and fitness blogs and was inspired to start becoming more creative in the kitchen. I also decided to start running again.

Backing up to middle school, where I was a member of the cross-country and track team, I was really into running. I ran for four years and towards the end, I was placing in races and even came in first for my school at one race! I’ve always regretted not keeping up with it in high school, but my school didn’t have cross-country or track so I switched to lacrosse instead.

Through my first and second year of college, I ran inconsistently and spent some time strength training and going to group fitness classes, but didn’t take it seriously. I returned to the United States with a goal of running a 5k (3.1 miles). This seemed like a huge distance and I wasn’t sure I could even finish the race. I started running more and became overjoyed when I could run 1 mile without stopping. That was a huge milestone for me.

In March 2011, my mom and I ran a 5K in Shelburne, VT. I completed the 5k in 26:56 and was thrilled. I couldn’t believe that I had come so far, from not being able to finish a mile, to completing the 5k under my goal time of 30:00. Since then, I have run two more 5k’s, PR-ing at each race. Later this month we will run a 10k!

I’m really excited to try new distances and accomplish my goals, which leads to… a marathon! Earlier this year, I decided I was going to join Team in Training to train for a half marathon and raise money for this organization. I have several family members who have been diagnosed with cancer and it is something I feel strongly about. I plan to run the half-marathon in New York state on September, 25th 2011. I also plan to take on the 26.2 next year. I hope to be able to run the Vermont City

I’m really excited and hope to share my journey with others out there in the blog world! Thanks for reading!


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