Yoga fail

I got up this morning, drove my brother and his friends to school since they were able to go in at 9:30 because of MCAS testing, and ate breakfast to be ready to go when my mom came back from an appointment with my sister. I went into work with my mom, then drove over to the studio I had planned to try out the 2 weeks for $25. I knew I would need to park at a metered lot, but failed to bring quarters! In VT all the meters take dimes/nickels which I had, but these fancy Boston meters only take quarters. Hmph.

I COULD just go back tomorrow but since I’ll be leaving on the 29th for a couple days, that’s when my two week would end since I won’t be here Monday and Tuesday of that week. It still would be a good deal, but I don’t want to lose two days of the two weeks. So I’m considering the Passport to Prana which is good until January 31, 2011.

We shall see!


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