Summertime, summertime…

Summer has officially begun! The weather just needs to get the memo…

Around 10:30 yesterday my cousin and I went into Boston to look for cycling shoes (for him) and a road bike (for me). We both had no luck, as Boston specialty stores are very expensive. We had some lunch and headed back home. It was really fun to walk around Boston though, I need to do that more while I’m home. We went to the Back Bay and walked around the Fenway area. It was weird being able to walk around Fenway without battling crowds of people.

Afterwards I finally tackled my closet which was filled with boxes from our move back in February. I ended up donating 5 (!) boxes of books. I had trouble parting with them, but knew I honestly was not going to read them. I also got rid of a lot of stuff I was holding on to for no reason at all. Old assignment notebooks from middle/high school? I kept one and moved on. I put a dresser and was able to put my clothes away!! Big since when I’m home I end up living out of a suitcase/my sister’s closet because it’s usually only for a weekend to a week. So excited to be home for over a month!!

When we got home I convinced my mom to come on my run with me because I really didn’t want to do it alone. We covered about 3 miles and I was glad I did it! Came home and made homemade pizzas for dinner, along with a nice Shock-Top and the Bruins.

4 miles on the agenda today as soon as my breakfast digests. Then it’s off to Providence for the afternoon!


FitBlog Chats

Credit to @LeavingFatvilleI’ll be taking part in the PLANKS Challenge May 16th-June 26th. Check it out here for more information.

FitBlog challenge to increase length and number of times in plank position. I know for me this is super difficult and cannot last more than 30 seconds without collapsing. Stay tuned for weekly updates!!


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