Done, done, and done!

Finally done with this semester!

This has been one of the busiest semesters at college yet. I took four classes, a gym credit, worked in a lab for 3 credits, worked in before school lab at an elementary school, and worked at my work-study job at the university theatre. Fun, but very busy! I also completed (and was awarded!) a grant proposal and thesis proposal.

I’m overjoyed to be back at home right now, laying in bed with my little cat, and watching TV, stress-free.

Today was a crazy day. Up at 6am for my Spanish final, after being up half the night with a congested nose and itchy eyes. After my exam I considered going back to my apartment to sleep, but figured I’d just feel worse and probably wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway. I convinced myself to go to the gym, telling myself that it only had to be for a half hour and I could just do some walking on the treadmill. I ended up run/walking intervals, probably equal amounts of each, but my fastest 400 was at 7:00/mile. Sa-weeet! I also squeezed in some abs and leg stuff, but then had to leave to get home to pack! Funny how the most dreaded workouts are the best 🙂

I spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon packing and watching the new Glee (even though I watched it on Wednesday night… hehe). In my defense, the player skipped throughout the prom part so I needed to rewatch it! I thought it was one of the best episodes recently. I loved all the songs and there were some really emotional moments!

After finishing up some random last-minute things, I was on the road back to Massachusetts accompanied by my ever-so-pleasant (sleep-deprived) boyfriend around 3:45.

We got to his house in two and a half hours, we made really good time! His mom made a yummy dinner and we watched some TV before I left for home.

Now I’m laying in bed watching late night TV. I’m still so congested and can’t sleep. Hopefully the seven day forecast of rain will get rid of the pollen!


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