The Bright Side

The reason I created this blog was to document my journey to running a marathon. It turns out that journey might be longer than I had planned.

Tonight I attended the Team in Training informational meeting for my area. For the Upstate NY/Vermont chapter of TNT, there are several races that they coordinate and send participants from my chapter to which include the Adirondack Half, the Nike Women’s Marathon in CA, the Marine Corps Half in DC, etc. It isn’t feasible to go to either D.C. or California for the weekend, with the added pressure of raising more money (the fundraising limit is more if you are flying to your destination). I’m going to be right in the middle of my thesis research and starting classes and I don’t want that much pressure. So I decided to run the Adirondack half, it’s a beautiful course and I feel good about this decision.

I’d been having doubts about running a full marathon only shortly after I’d run my first 5k. I feel strong, but I want to cross the finish line feeling just as strong. I feel that with training for and running a half marathon in September and then training for a marathon when I’m 100% ready, will make me a stronger and better runner. It’s in my nature to want to throw myself into something, but I think it’s wise in this case to take it slow and enjoy the journey 🙂

So it’s still a journey from 0 to 26.2, but with a few pitstops on the way!



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2 responses to “The Bright Side

  1. That sounds like a good choice! I did a half marathon before I did a full and I was thankful that I did. I felt stronger physically and mentally, and more confident once it came time to run the full. I like your positive attitude!!!

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