Almost summertime…

It’s the most perfect spring day we’ve had in awhile and I’m stuck inside studying 😦 well, sort of studying…

I stayed up really late last night and allergies woke me up at 8, ugh. I was somewhat productive and then decided to go for a run. Not the best idea without having eaten anything (can’t run with food in my stomach) and not being able to breathe out of my nose. It was more of a run/walk but at least it was a beautiful day!

Yesterday I did my 6 mile run in 59:37, which I was really proud of! I felt great for most of the run, but my legs felt really tight. I need to work on stretching more after I run..

On the agenda for today is studying and a couple of parties to celebrate the end of the lab I worked in this semester! It should be fun.

Tomorrow morning is my induction ceremony for a national honor society I will be joining, so my family is coming up for it and we’re going out for a Mother’s Day brunch/lunch. It was actually really last minute, so reservations are nearly impossible to make. We’ll see!

Hopefully I can squeeze in some more studying… it’s finals week but I am just ready for it to be summer! I have two papers and two more exams left to take. Not horrible, but summer is so close..

Back to the books!


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